2023 Business Walk Survey Result

In a recent initiative to foster business development and community connections, the Arden + Howe Business Alliance organized the Business Walk survey program. This comprehensive survey aimed to build a strong foundation for businesses and establish vital networks within the Arden area of Sacramento. The survey results provide invaluable insights into the current state of the local business community and outline areas for improvement and growth.

  • Key Concerns

    • Homelessness and encampment issues are paramount concerns, though positive changes are underway due to recent security measures. Theft and organized retail theft also weigh heavily on businesses, emphasizing the need for improved communication with law enforcement and elected officials.
  • Safety Matters

    • Local businesses are concerned about safety after dark, a factor affecting their ability to attract evening customers. Addressing these issues is pivotal to a thriving Arden area.
  • Optimism & Growth

    • Despite challenges, 77% of business owners express satisfaction with their current status. Moreover, a majority have growth in mind, with 57.5% planning expansions, be it within their current location or through various strategies.
  • Community Engagement

    • A dedicated team of 20 volunteers visited over 106 businesses within three hours, offering comprehensive insights into the business climate.
  • What Businesses Love About Arden

    • The Arden area’s central location, bustling atmosphere, and diversity appeal to respondents, reflecting its positive aspects.
  • Areas for Improvement

    • Survey respondents hope to see fewer homeless encampments (68%), enhanced safety (10%), and beautification efforts (6%). Minor concerns include road conditions, increased law enforcement presence, and electric charging stations.
  • Future Outlook

    • The business community is brimming with growth potential. The Business Walk program’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Arden + Howe Business Alliance, Comcast, Sacramento Municipality Utility District (SMUD), and the Greater Arden Chamber of Commerce (GACOC), along with the valuable contributions of participants.

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