7 Ways to Know You Have What It Takes to Succeed

You may think you are DOing what it takes to succeed but how do you really know if you are BEing what you truly can BE. Here are 7 ways to know that you are ready to move beyond your limitations and fully welcome your path to success.

1 – Uneasy with the Status Quo

Do you find yourself questioning why something is the way it is? Do you believe things can be better? If you look at a situation and can see something others are unwilling to see, you have the ability to take the blinders off and see what YOU choose to see. Not what OTHERS want you to see. By seeing for yourself, you can see the contrast and make a decision for what you desire. Everything starts with awareness and a decision backed by desire will create the change you are looking for in your life.

2 – See Beyond your Current Situation

Most of the population live a condition driven life. “I believe it when I see it” is the give away phrase. If a person goes through life from this perspective they have engaged the emergency break on any forward movement in their life. A plane can’t fly if it can’t get off the ground. A person can’t be in the flow of excitement and anticipation for life if they continuously focus on what is. All things are created twice. First they are thoughts, then they are things. If you can think about what isn’t there and create it in your mind, while maintaining a positive belief of having what you are thinking, you will then see it in your world. Observe the connection between what you think and what shows up for you. If they don’t match, only you are stopping the creation of what you want.

3 – Open to Receiving

Do you allow others to help you? Do you accept an act of kindness with appreciation? Do you find that things “just seem to work out” for you? Are you usually calm throughout your day even when situations may have produced opposite feelings for you before? When you are open to receiving, you have the ability to adapt to change quickly and you take action on the things most beneficial to your situation that will produce the best outcomes. You can sense that you know what the next best step is for you so you have a feeling of calmness and clarity that things are working out.

4 – Willing to Learn What You Think You Know

No one knows everything. There are always new thoughts, new understandings, and new awareness. When you have the desire to learn, study, and apply what you discover you will always be in growth. Knowledge applied is power. When you are curious and hungry to learn, opportunities will always be available to you.

5 – Attract People Who Believe In You

Individuals typically believe the common phrase, “you are the combination of the 5 people you hang around with the most”. To a point this is accurate. If you allow yourself to be influenced by another person’s thoughts instead of your own and through their influence you have given them the power to control the outcomes for your life, then you will continuously attract people that will play that role for you. When you are in this situation, the formation of your thoughts are dependent on what you can see and hear. As soon as you operate from your own thoughts, your own beliefs, and your own awareness, you will attract to you people that provide you with encouragement, support, insights, and they believe in you. Not for the controlling of your life but for the discovering and new level of understanding you are seeking. Your interactions are expanding, not contracting to limitations that others wish to place on you.

6 – Willing to Be Different

Do you feel you see things differently then others and you’re okay with it? Are you strong in your thoughts and flexible with your understanding? Can you see more than one side in a situation? If you are willing to be different, you are willing to create your own path. It’s like crabs in a bucket, when you decide to move beyond where you are there will always be the crabs around you that want you to keep things the same and not disturb the others. They will grab at you and try to keep you down but if you are willing to be different, you will discover a way to reach what you desire and move beyond the crabs.

7 – Honor Your Word

If you say you’re going to do something, do you do it? If you agree to meet someone, do you show up? Do you reach out to them if you are going to be late? Can others rely on you? Trust is the foundation of every relationship. With it, you can build connection and enjoy the journey and the results of your efforts. Without it, you will be lonely, unreliable, and doubtful of yourself and others.

All personal growth starts with awareness. If you aren’t aware of where you can improve you will continuously feel like you are spinning your wheels or walking into a glass wall. You have what it takes to succeed inside of you, it may be covered up with frustration, doubt, fear, and anxiety but with intentional improvement you can allow the person you have the desire to BE to come out.

Create a Great Day!

Athina Salazar

ATHINA SALAZARChief Possibility Officer, Life 2 Design Business & Leadership Coaching

Athina is an international speaker, teacher, and coach, for small business owners with companies from solopreneur to 250 employees that are ready to align their personal talent, their team, and their technology to the core purpose of their business. I believe that all business comes from the HEART of the business owner and through awareness comes the opportunity for personal and business transformation into the organization you love with days filled with profitable productivity, satisfied clients, and happy, supportive teams. Contact me at  hello@life2design.com or click here https://life2design.taplink.ws